Monday, December 23, 2013

                I am now finishing up the last few squawks with this Cessna Citation. I removed the pilot panel and all of the connectors that held it together and tried to locate a fault within the electroluminescent panel circuit. I found that the wires that provide voltage are in fact producing a variable voltage as I rotate the dimming control knob for the electroluminescent panel or EL panel.

                I am starting the think that the EL panels themselves may be the fault in the circuit. I found that they do not illuminate even if I connect them to a verified working source from the other EL panels. Just for my own peace of mind I decided to create an adapter plug from on the working panels and attached the suspect panel to the plug. As I expected they did not illuminate, the next thing for us to do now is send the malfunctioning EL panels out for repair next time this aircraft comes in for maintenance.

               I small issue that could potentially cause a lot of trouble, these panels let the pilot know what each switch does while he is flying at night. Without a flashlight he will have no way of knowing what each switch does during night time flight. This will be corrected as soon as possible.

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